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Galectin Therapeutics (formerly Pro-Pharmaceuticals) is  a development-stage company, engages in the discovery and development of therapeutics for the treatment of cancer, liver, microbial, and inflammatory diseases.

Galectin Executive Charman, James Czirr, granted an exclusive interview for InterlinkedTV during the FSX Investment Conference held in San Francisco, California.  During the interview Mr. Czirr stated that last year 45% of all deaths in the United States were attributable to some sort of organ failure caused by fibrosis.

We are entering clinical trials right now and recruiting patients for the first drug for fatty liver disease with fibrosis in the history of the world.

The company was started in 2000 and one of their products has been in clinical trials.  A product that works on the immune system, strengthening it and protecting it from what cancer normally does to turn off a patient’s immune system.  This is a revolution for cancer patients as cancer secretes a molecule that if not blocked will turn off the patient’s immune system.

Watch the complete interview and visit Galectin’s public profile on Interlinked’s IDeal Room for more information

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