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Preferred Commerce President, Michael Ferrario,  granted an exclusive interview for InterlinkedTV during the FSX Investment Conference held in San Francisco, California.  Preferred Commerce featured product is Growums.

Mr. Ferrario stated during the interview that Growums are fun gardening kits for children.  Teaching children how to grow vegetables through little feature type of gardens such as stir fried gardens and pizza gardens.  Kids can register at and the Growums registered cartoon characters come to life and show children through little cartoon videos how to grow their herbs and vegetable from seeds to transplanting them, cutting them and everything they need to know.

While building an online educational platform for Lowe’s Garden Center Mr. Ferrario thought to himself, why only build a platform to teach employees how to sell more, why don’t we teach people how to be better gardeners.  Then, considering that  childhood obesity up to 17%, with over 11 million children between 5 and 10 years old that are obese, Preferred Commerce decided to teach children how to grow their own food and eat healthier.

Watch the complete interview and visit Preferred Commerce’s public profile on Interlinked’s IDeal Room fro more information


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