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Provides real estate investment and 1031 Tax Exchange Investments in a broad range of income-producing properties.

Passco granted an exclusive interview for InterlinkedTV during the FSX Investment Conference held in San Francisco, California.  Brad McCord, a representative at Passco, stated during the interview that Passco is a leading 1031 sponsor, serving the broker dealer community for 1031 investors that are looking to exchange their property into a program that Passco may have available for them.

McCord and InterlinkedTV host, Michael Fugler, elaborated on who fits the profiles for 1031 programs and LLCs.  McCord added that they have a proven track record of about a five year holding period and anticipate about a five to seven year holding period on most of their programs.

Watch the complete interview and visit Passco’s Public Profile on Interlinked’s IDeal Room  for more information.

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