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The Vehicle Occupancy Detection Company holds the patents to the technology and manufactures the equipment, to count the number of passengers in a moving vehicle. Ideally suited to enforce carpool lanes.

Vehicle Occupancy Detection Company CEO, Ken Brown,  granted an exclusive interviewed for InterlinkedTV during the FSX Investment Conference held in San Francisco, California.  Mr. Brown shared during the interview that Cisco Systems and  John Chambers found Vehicle Occupancy Detection Company’s technology so disruptive that they featured them in their opening address at Oracle Open World 2011.   Vehicle Occupancy Detection Company is a private company.

Mr. Brown explained that their technology is the only technology that can, through the use of short wave infrared light distinguish between a human being non human being, such as a pet or doll, traveling in a moving vehicle.  Small cameras can be placed next to car pool lanes and toll booths.  The direction Vehicle Occupancy Detection Company’s is headed is to charge people a toll based on the number of people in a car, time of date, average speed of traffic, and the length of a trip.  Congestion causes each commuter an average of 42 hours a year; an additional 950 dollars of expense just to be stuck in traffic.  This system will help avoid all that.  Vehicle Occupancy Detection Company’ clients are traffic agencies, military intelligence agencies, homeland security.

Watch the complete interview and visit Vehicle Occupancy Detection’s Public Profile on Interlinked.


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