Interlinked’s Scholarship Program, Tomorrow’s CEOs Today, Had Student Recipients Invest $12,000,000 of Mock Funds at FSXinterlinked Investment Conference

Interlinked’s scholarship program, Tomorrow’s CEOs Today, allows top students in a local community to attend the FSXinterlinked Investment Conference and watch the real world of investment in emerging growth companies unfold.

Scholarship recipients attend the FSXinterlinked Investment Conference, watch companies pitch their investment opportunity, and select the top 5 companies they would invest in. The top 5 companies are invested in through the Interlinked Foundation custodial account, and held in a trust for the students.

Interlinked aannounced that Tomorrow’s CEOs Today named the five emerging growth companies from the most recent event that will be eligible to receive investment capital from the scholarship fund.

Here are the results for the students and investors simulating investing:

Student Investments
1st Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (PBIO) 3M
2nd Perpetual Industries Inc. (PRPI) 2.410M
3rd CannaPharmaRx (GDHC) 1.375M
4th Premier Holding Corporation (PRHL) 1.775M
5th GOe3 275K

Investor Investments
1st Premier Holding Corporation (PRHL) 1.450M
2nd CannaPharmaRx (GDHC) 1.150M
3rd Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (PBIO) 950K
4th Black Ridge Oil & Gas (ANFC) 340K
5th Yippiekiyay 150K

“Individuals, local businesses and corporations can donate to Tomorrow’s CEOs Today, and not only help fund the education of future business leaders, but also help create jobs through capital infusion in promising companies,” said Delray Wannemacher, President and CEO of Interlinked. “This is about pulling the community together to create jobs today and tomorrow.”

For more info on sponsorship, and the Tomorrow’s CEOs Today program, visit:

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