Where do Sharks go for money? The FSXinterlinked Investment Conference

Kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington, inventor of the Infomercial, original Shark on Shark Tank and pioneer of As Seen on TV presented along Greg Writer, CEO & Founder of of Angel Investors Network presented Starshop at the recent FSXinterlinked Investment Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Mr. Harrington is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time. In 1980 Harrington started The Small Business Center and Franchise America. Kevin, as a real estate and business broker, sold thousands of businesses and then offered one stop services from accounting to insurance to advertising to finance and more.

In 2009, Kevin was selected as one of the original ‘Shark Tank’ Sharks on the ABC hit show. As an innovator and pioneer in the industry, Kevin has been featured on over 150 Shark Tank segments over the last five years on both ABC and CNBC.

Kevin is regularly featured as an industry expert in numerous media outlets including the NBC Today Show, ABC Good Morning America, CBS Morning News, The View, the Wendy Williams Show, CNBC, Squawk Box with Jim Kramer, the Bethenny Show, Bloomberg, Fox Business, CNN, MTV, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, Fortune, Inc., Wall Street Journal, New York Times and many more.

Greg Writer is the consummate entrepreneur. Angel Investors Network, one of his companies, is a syndicate of high net worth investors that buy, sell, and invest in early stage companies. They help entrepreneurs get the capital they need to grow and thrive. They also provide a number of services and connections to insure their investments have the best chance to succeed.

FSXinterlinked presentations are now available at Interlinked’s exclusive member portal for FSXinterlinked Members and Conference Attendees. The Educational Special Sessions will be available on InterlinkedTV next week. Membership benefit information and details for the upcoming Dallas event are now available on www.fsxinterlinked.com.

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