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Today’s news consumers, journalists, bloggers, investors, and analysts need more than a text-only press release. They want to be engaged with video that can be viewed anywhere at anytime. With a video press release you can attract the attention of journalists and media publications, while delivering your content in a format they want.

Video press releases distributed over a traditional wire service can run up to $3,000 per release. This is simply a prohibitive expense for most companies. Through various partnerships and our own proprietary list of targeted media outlets and contacts, Interlinked lets you gain the same benefit provided by large wire services, yet at the fraction of the cost. Start targeting your audience now with a video press release.

Price: $499

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Here's What You'll Receive

Our public relation experts will work with you to craft the prefect press release. Through in depth conversations and Q&A, we will be able to capture the essence of your brand and news story in a clear and concise manner that your target audience can understand. We’ll write the release, embed your video, create a call-to-action, distribute to a targeted audience, and report on results.

Reach 10,000 Media Outlets & Private Investment Network

video press release distributionOur video news releases are guaranteed to be delivered to the top U.S. newspapers, financial publications, investment related websites, and more. Each release includes traditional national wire distribution, in addition to be permanently hosted on InterlinkedTV and sent to our private network of investors, company CEOs, partners, and media contacts. In total, your video press release will reach more than 10,000 media outlets, including journalists, editors, bloggers, analysts, and more.

Detailed Reporting & Engagement Metrics

press release reportsWith each distributed release, we will track and analyze how individuals read your story and watch your video. We will be able to tell you how many people read the release, where it was published, how many times it was shared, and second by second video engagement metrics so you know exactly how viewers interacted with the video. Video metrics will help you learn what engages your audience, identify their viewing patterns, and guide you to re-edit videos or improve your next.

Capture & Generate Leads

video lead generationIn order to extend the benefits of your news release, you can choose to incorporate email marketing and lead generation into your embedded video. We will add an email signup field to your video, and include the call to action of your choice. We will then send you all email addresses collected from your video, which you can use for your email marketing efforts. And, at the end of the video, we can include a clickable call to action for you to drive viewers to a specific web page, to more of your videos, or anywhere you want.


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Professional Editorial Service & SEO

press release writingOur team of professional copywriters and PR experts will work with you to write a press release that delivers your news story and brand message in a clear and concise manner. Not only will your video press release include our editorial services, but also we will search engine optimize the release with your keywords to help it get found online. Additionally, we will include links to your website to enhance the release’s SEO value.

Video Press Release FAQs

What is a Video Press Release?

A video press release, also know as a video news release, is a press release that includes an embedded video. Press releases are distributed to news and media outlets to share company news, announcements, or any information you feel is newsworthy which a journalist or blogger would find interesting enough to write about.

What type of videos do you distribute?

You can include any video content you want in your video press release. However, typical we recommend the video to be short and concise, and be as entertaining as possible. This can be difficult for a B-to-B company, so mainly try to grab the viewers’ attention and leave them wanting more.

Why should my release include a video?

Press releases with video have been recorded to generate 5 times more clicks than those without. Additionally, a professionally produced video included with a news releases add a sense of legitimacy and credibility, which helps clearly define your brand message and brings your news to life.

Do you host the video?

Yes. Not only will Interlinked host the video for you, but also we will add it to our video news site, InterlinkedTV, where it will remain permanently. Simply provide us with your raw video file, and we will host it on our site along with the video description you provide.

Are there advertisements on the video or release?

No popups. No 3rd party links. No links to other peoples’ videos at the end of the video. Your content belongs to you, not us. We never put ads in our videos or news releases.

Can I share the video on social media?

Yes. Videos included in all press releases can easily be shared across the social media channel of your choice. They will be watchable from with a tweet on Twitter, embed nicely on Facebook or WordPress, and make it easy to share with your audience.

Do you offer video production?

Yes. If you are interested in having Interlinked produce a video for your business, contact us for a custom quote. The price listed above does not include video production.

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