Self-Directed IRA Investment Strategies

Self-Directed IRA Investment Strategies

Have you thought about what you want your retirement years to look like? Do you have a strategy to get there?

Been hearing a lot about Self-Directed IRA investment strategies?

If you are like many people contemplating retirement, the economic recession has made the road to getting there more challenging. Many people looking to make up for deficits incurred over the past several years are turning to the Self-Directed IRA because they offer alternative investment choices and a chance to generate real wealth not available through traditional brokerage retirement funds.

Here are some of the make-up strategies available through a Self-Directed IRA:

  • Growth. Growth is a goal everyone shares. But, it is hard to find growth opportunities through traditional retirement funds that limit investments to stocks, bonds, mutual funds and CDs. Self-Directed IRA investment strategies offer formerly unavailable ways to increase your savings by allowing investors to pursue alternative investments.
  • Protection. The past few years have proven that protecting your assets is almost impossible with a brokerage IRA. The limited investment opportunities cannot provide enough diversity. However, Self-Directed IRA investment strategies can present opportunities to guard against stock market crashes, inflation and mortgage bubbles. Hard, tangible assets like gold and real estate are among many investing alternatives are available. Understanding threats to the economy is one thing. Having the ability to invest your money in areas that will protect against economic stress is the ideal solution.
  • Tax. Self-Directed IRA investment strategies can provide many tax advantages. Talk to your tax advisor and contact an IRA Specialist to determine the different tax advantages of a Self-Directed IRA.
  • Retirement income. Don’t overlook your long-term strategy. You want to be prepared when the time to retire arrives. You must understand your projected cost of living needs, the income required to meet your expected lifestyle and the continued growth you will require for future needs. These can make the difference between a wonderful retirement and one that does not meet your hopes. That’s why your retirement goals are a good place to start when developing your own Self-Directed IRA investment strategy.

Clearly defining your retirement goals is the ideal starting point from which to map out your Self-Directed IRA investment strategy. Be sure that your goals are time and dollar specific. It will guide your decisions about growth, asset protection and tax strategies.

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