How to Protect Your IRA

Self-Directed IRA


If you are like most people, the recent financial crisis has delivered a big hit to your retirement fund. What’s to say that this won’t happen again? Who is standing by to protect your IRA?


Due to the continued stagnation of the economy, poor investment return options, the volatility of the stock market, economic scandals and global events that impact economies worldwide, many investors are seeking options beyond a brokerage IRA to protect their investments from future losses.


The Self-Directed IRA allows people to take control of their investments. And they provide alternative investment options that can yield real money, not the paltry returns offered by banks, money market funds and CDs.


Take a look at the alternative investment options available in your Self-Directed IRA.


  • Real Estate: Real estate is the time-honored path to real wealth; that’s been true in any economy. Opportunities in real estate that can fuel investment growth include residential single family and multifamily property, commercial and industrial property, distressed properties and land.


  • Precious Metals: Despite the recent drop in the value of gold,an investment in precious metals has historically provided a means of reducing investment volatility and risk. Precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum should help guard against market cycles and inflation. And, with their intrinsic value, they have proven to be a good long-term bet in your quest to protect your Self-Directed IRA.


  • Private Company Investing: Despite a slow economy, private companies continue to grow. Growth capital with tax-free profits is available through private company investing, which allows individuals to own an equity position in a company before they go public. Imagine the benefits of having been a ground floor investor in companies like Google or Apple.


  • Private Lending: If banks aren’t lending today, then who is? Private investors are, and they are charging higher interest than traditional lenders. There are a lot of people and entrepreneurs out there seeking capital. Your Self-Directed IRA can answer the demand in the marketplace with secured and/or unsecured loans that may yield higher returns.


Don’t allow your nest egg to be cracked by the volatility found on Wall Street. Diversify into a safer alternative investment with your Self-Directed IRA today.


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