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Interlinked is ready to revolutionize how investors, companies, and partners meet, building relationships, and ultimately, do business together. By building a private community of only the best emerging growth companies, accredited investors, and resource partners, we feel that we can offer our members a great competitive advantage, and we want to share it with the world. We are ready to lead the way into the investment blogosphere, one post at a time.

Supported by some of the best and brightest in the business, the Interlinked Blog is going to give you a fresh take on how to best build business relationships that matter. Plus, we will regularly provide current news, industry findings, and keep you up-to-date on the things that really matter in the emerging growth investment world.

We are all about efficiency and productivity. I cringe at the cliche of “time is money,” but lets be honest. It is. And that is why you are going to hear from our growing team and partners of investment experts, so you can learn how to efficiently discover profitable investments and streamline the investment process.

We’ve gathered the greatest minds at Interlinked, and with our contributing authors and in-house experts, we have formed a supercharged team comprised of broker-dealers, emerging growth company CEOs, CFOs, private equity managers, IR service providers, VPs of marketing, social media experts, and more. Every week you can expert to hear from us on a wide breadth of investment, business, and marketing topics, so check back often.

We encourage you to get involved, leave comments, ask questions, send us emails; we are listening and want to start a real conversation. After all, our goal is to help you gain success through our expertise and knowledge.

So, bookmark this blog, email a link to a friend/colleague, make a comment in the section below, or add our RSS feed, and let’s pump up the volume on news at Interlinked.

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Delray Wannemacher is President and CEO of Interlinked and its two subsidiaries InterlinkedTV and FSXinterlinked. Interlinked is a global multi-dimensional investment platform that connects investors, companies and partners by leveraging technology, media and physical events to achieve its goals. Delray has over 20 years of experience serving small and micro-cap companies, primarily in Internet, software, finance and communications. He works with startup companies, helping them achieve their goals as efficiently and effectively as possible. Delray has also successfully built four companies of his own.

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