Premier Holding Corporation Exclusive Interview on Energy Management and Efficiency Fields

Premier Holding Corporation (PRHL.OB) was interviewed by FSXinterlinked host, Michael Fugler, at the recent FSXinterlinked Investment Conference, held at The Ritz Carlton at Tucson, Arizona. Premier Holding Corporation has assembled a comprehensive array of companies to provide the entire range of products and services in the energy management and efficiency fields. Specifically technologies and services for deregulated power and energy conservation, bundled together with continuous support through energy management and information systems, targeted to commercial middle-market companies, Fortune 500 brands, developers and management companies of large scale residential developments. As this strategy of acquisition and alliances is completed, PRHL will provide “everything energy” for these consumers of power.

During the interview Premier Holding Corporation Board Member and qualitative economist, Woodrow Clark, II, MA3 PhD. said “The Company was reorganized around this strategy about 2 years ago. We are basically interested in getting energy efficiency into homes, buildings and industrial complexes. In doing that we are acting as a supplier for resources and products that are going to be very effective in the marketplace. We are noticing a major increase in terms of our sales over this last year. Our combined revenues this year should be close to $12 dollars and projected for 2015, 50 million dollars. So there is a great growth that is going on. We think it is the kind of company people are going to want to be very involved with, help invest in, and do what I call, social capitalism: investing, and making money but also doing something good for society. In this case, the environment.“ “This exclusive interview is available only on   Premier Holding Corp.’s Public Profile on  ” stated Delray Wannemacher, Interlinked President & CEO of Interlinked.


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