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Interlinked is a private investment community that connects investors with high growth companies and investment service providers.

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  • Discover new investment opportunities in emerging growth companies
  • Perform due diligence in a secure online environment
  • Communicate directly with company CEOs and other investors

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How it Works

Access a vetted selection of high-promise emerging-growth companies seeking to raise capital.


Join the community

All Interlinked members have the option to maintain an interactive community profile that contains social networking features commonly found on other sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, except with the added benefit of bank level security and privacy. Your community profile allows you to display your expertise, and communicate with company CEOs and other community members.

Discover companies

Browse pre-screened emerging-growth companies raising funds. You can perform detailed searches according to industry, location, growth stage and more, making it easy to find a company that matches your investment criteria. Each company’s page is complete with detailed information, downloadable documents, and videos.  From the company’s page, you can easily private message their CEO, pose questions in a secure Q&A forum where management can reply, and/or request access to their IDeal Room.

Promote your investment firm

Our comprehensive directory allows for investment firms to create a listing in our directory and maximize their funding source’s exposure. With your listing, you can privately share with our community your investment focus, criteria, and expertise. In return, companies raising funds, broker-dealers, and/or IR companies can find your firm and introduce their offering.

Perform due diligence

The Interlinked IDeal Room, a virtual data room for the online storage of investment related documents and videos, allows companies to securely share information with their prospective investors and shareholders. A company’s IDeal Room is seamlessly integrated with their company page, making it easy for you to request access, and view documents and videos anytime, from any Internet connection.


Once you’ve performed your due diligence and have decided which company you want to invest in, you can sign legal documents provided by the company and send them directly to their management team. Interlinked remains as a 3rd party in all investments, and does not charge any investing fees.

While Interlinked cannot predict or guarantee returns, investors are encouraged to perform thorough due diligence and understand that private investing in an illiquid asset class commonly requires investors to hold their investment for several years. Interlinked does not advise any of its members to invest in a particular company.

Stay Engaged

Companies are encouraged to regularly communicate with investors through their private forum. Typically, companies provide investors with quarterly updates, but ultimately the rate of communication lies with the company and investor.

Investor Requirements

All Interlinked investors must be verified, and are required to verify their identity before gaining full access to the investment platform. We offer an accredited certification service that is quick and easy. Simply complete an online application which permits 3rd party verification by your attorney, CPA, RIA, or broker-dealer. You only need to complete the application once, and you'll retain your status, allowing you to engage unlimited companies without the burden of verifying you accreditation again for three to twelve months.

Interlinked Company Selection & Approval

Interlinked focuses on emerging-growth companies across all industries and sectors. However, in order for a company to remain in our community directory, it must show strong indicators of  success.

Company requirements:

  • Financial strength
  • Unique selling proposition
  • Product or service differentiation
  • Experienced and passionate management
  • High growth potential
  • Minimum funding goal

Our team of professional emerging-growth investors review and evaluate each company before granting approval for the company to remain in the directory. All companies are given a 90-day trial period in order to prove their investment validity.

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Registration is easy, and it is free to join.