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Interlinked helps promising emerging-growth companies access a private network of investors and find the capital they need.

As a company listed on Interlinked, you gain the following benefits:

  • Access our private network of accredited investors, or leverage your own network on our platform
  • Maximize exposure to investors through our company directory, events, and customized marketing services
  • Build, cultivate and maintain relationships with prospective investors and current shareholders
  • Find and hire valuable partners to help build your brand and/or facilitate the investment process
  • Securely share and track confidential documents in your virtual deal room

Raise more than just capital

Interlinked’s disruptive technology ultimately helps companies get funded, but it also enables them to find business partners that have experience in their industry or offer a required service.  By leveraging our partnerships with world-class investment resource partners and conferences, companies instantly get connected to the best-of-the-best, both online in our community, and in person at events. As an Interlinked member, you can quickly get the funding you deserve by leveraging our investment platform and our interconnected community of CEOs, investors, and investment resource partners.

Maximize exposure

Companies must have access and exposure to the right investors; otherwise, raising enough capital to grow can be very challenging. Interlinked empowers companies to maximize their exposure through our private investment community, company directory, investment conferences, InterlinkedTV, and customized marketing services, including email marketing, and press release distribution.

Give your company the exposure it deserves:

  • Promote you company in our directory and attract new investors
  • Attend our partners' investment conferences and meet face-to-face with Interlinked investors
  • Engage our network of investors and partners with corporate videos, interviews, and presentations on InterlinkedTV
  • Target and reach the right audience with brand building marketing services tailored to your business

Get Interlinked Approved

Interlinked vets all companies before granting them the Interlinked seal of approval. Companies enter our community on a 90-day trial period wherein they must receive approval. Companies that do not receive approval within the first 90 days are removed from the directory.

Interlinked approves all companies that meet our investment requirements and believes will be attractive investment opportunities for our network of investors.

Company Requirements:

  • Financial strength
  • Unique selling proposition
  • Product or service differentiation
  • Experienced and passionate management
  • High growth potential
  • Minimum funding goal

Find the right investors

Interlinked gives companies access to a private network of investors. Browse investor groups that invest in your industry, growth stage, revenue size, and contact an investor that is a good match.

Beyond online community engagement, including private forums and messaging, we partner with leading investment conference organizations so you have the opportunity to present your company in person, and meet face-to-face with a targeted audience of investors.

Partner with the best

We have cultivated relationships with some of the best investment resource companies in the world so you can reap the rewards. In the Interlinked Marketplace you can find, contact, and hire companies to help you succeed. Whether you partner with a broker-dealer, hire a IR firm, or contract the services of an accountant, our partner marketplace puts the very best service providers at your fingertips.

Share documents securely

Interlinked provides companies with the ability to seamlessly integrate the IDeal Room with their company page. IDeal Room is a virtual data room that allows companies to securely share confidential documents and videos with a selected audience of prospective investors, shareholders, and partners. You can easily invite your own network of investors into your IDeal Room, or browse our network and invite new investors to view your PPM.

The IDeal Room is easy to use and requires no training. You can create audit reports that allow you to track all document interaction by user, date, and document. Plus, all downloaded PDFs are marked with an SEC compliant watermark.

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Get funded

After targeting the right investors, and presenting them your PPM, business plan, financial statements, and other confidential documents in the IDeal Room, you are ready to get funded. Communicate directly with interested investors via your private forum and/or direct messaging.

The deal terms are your own. Interlinked always remains as a 3rd party on all investments. It is your responsibility to set terms and seek legal counsul before closing. However, you can easily leverage our partners to help facilitate the investment, such as an attorney, accountant, RIA, transfer agent, or escrow provider.

Keep shareholders informed

Our community enables you to easily stay in contact with your shareholders. You can create a private post-closing forum where you can share monthly or quarterly updates, upload documents, and communicate progress. But ultimately, how you choose to stay in contact with your investors is up to you.

List your company on Interlinked

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