Perpetual Industries and the XYO Balancing Technology

Perpetual Industries and the XYO Balancing Technology

Perpetual Industries Inc. (OTC:PRPI) is a small company with big potential that presents an investment opportunity for forward-looking investors interested in a unique technology that has the potential to impact numerous industries. Their secret weapon is a mechanical balancing technology called XYO that eliminates vibration in rotating machinery. Perpetual’s team has spent years conducting research and development to mature XYO to its current state. With the technology ready to be optimized and commercialized in various applications, the company is reaching out to the investment community to help bring XYO to market. Perpetual’s vision is to re-design certain mechanical products by implementing XYO as the core ingredient, resulting in reduced vibration and increased efficiency.

The XYO Technology

Everything that rotates needs to be balanced, and Perpetual has developed the XYO technology to be the best solution. XYO harnesses rotor displacement energy to move compensating masses within components of the system, which corrects for imbalance in the rotor, hence reducing vibration.

The XYO technology can be applied to and customized for virtually everything that rotates. In fact, one of the most notable aspects of XYO is its adaptability to numerous applications across many industries. While it is possible to retrofit a product by adding an XYO balancer to it, companies can maximize XYO’s effectiveness by designing a new product around the technology.

Perpetual is seeking out capable joint venture partners in industry segments where its technology, skills and know-how can lead to lower cost, more energy efficient and environmentally responsible products. Perpetual’s vision is that these partners will have deep knowledge of their respective industries, markets and competitors. Working with such partners will allow Perpetual to create products that offer significant performance benefits when compared to those currently on the market.

The chart below gives an idea of the massive potential of the XYO technology and shows some of the key industry verticals where it can be commercialized. XYO can be customized for products such as washing machines, angle grinders, aircraft and boat propellers, automotive wheels, and wind turbines; the list of mechanical products is endless. Implementing XYO into these applications will help improve their quality, make them more energy efficient, and ultimately result in an enormous cost savings for companies that choose to use XYO.


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How XYO Improves Performance

Many factors can contribute to rotating parts having unbalanced mass. These include material defects, imprecise manufacturing tolerances, asymmetrical damage or buildup of debris (e.g. on propeller blades), and the changing position of loads (e.g. in a washing machine). The resulting rotor imbalance leads to vibration, which is essentially wasted energy. Vibration leads to issues such as accelerated wear and tear, increased noise emissions, greater power consumption, and decreased efficiency. By significantly reducing vibration, XYO can minimize its undesirable side effects.

Why is XYO so effective compared to other methods? Conventional balancing methods can only correct for imbalance at the time balancing is performed; they are usually imprecise, and cannot adapt to imbalance changes that may occur after a product is operational. By contrast, XYO automatically and continuously keeps a machine in balance, even when the position and amount of imbalance changes. This is what makes XYO unique and such a beneficial value-added technology.

Perpetual’s experts have spent over 20 years conducting research and development to mature XYO into a commercially viable technology. Part of this process has been comparative testing of XYO in various applications, to quantify its performance benefits. The table below shows vibration reduction in various products tested using XYO. These and other testing results and videos are also available on the company’s technical site,

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 5.44.35 PM

Current Company Focus and Financing

The current focus for Perpetual Industries is to re-design certain mechanical products, implementing the XYO technology as the core ingredient. To pursue this business plan will require capital, and Perpetual is currently seeking investment.

Perpetual’s current Reg D 506(c) Private Placement Memorandum is available on the company’s corporate site: It can also be viewed in Perpetual’s secure IDeal Room, on the Interlinked website; you can request access by visiting:

Proceeds from this offering are earmarked for expanding Perpetual’s operations through strategic joint venture partnerships, for public company compliance, and for general working capital purposes for the next 18 to 24 months.

About Perpetual Industries

Incorporated in Nevada and based in Calgary, Alberta, Perpetual Industries Inc. (OTC:PRPI) is an emerging growth company focusing on research and development of new and innovative energy efficient products. Its core technology is an automatic, mechanical technology called XYO, used for balancing rotating parts in machines so that they produce less vibration and operate more efficiently. Perpetual sublicenses XYO to third parties and directly develops and manufactures products containing XYO. For more information, please visit their company profile page on Interlinked’s website.

Forward Looking Statements

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The Company is subject to risks, uncertainties, and other factors which may include, but are not limited to: its potential inability to carry out its intended specialties of prototyping, patenting, marketing, designing, manufacturing, and licensing; potential difficulties with regard to the marketability and adoption of XYO in various industries and regions; potential difficulties with regard to pricing and other competitive pressures in the market; its potential inability to secure sufficient financial resources; its potential inability to protect its intellectual property rights against infringement; the possibility that its intellectual property infringes on patented technology of others; its potential inability to attract and retain employees, agents, advisors, and other resources; potential difficulties with regard to legislative, environmental, judicial, regulatory, and political developments; its potential inability to take or keep the company public; the evolution of its strategic and operational plans and objectives, and; its potential inability to register shares with the SEC or to qualify for listing on the OTC Markets or other trading venues.

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