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OPEC: Here’s who really controls oil prices

OPEC has traditionally put a relative stranglehold on the oil markets by increasing/decreasing production to control the price. That concept, if you believe OPEC, is not a factor anymore. In the wake of recent drops in global oil prices, especially in the US market, OPEC members say they will keep up production, and let the market decide the price. This goes contradictory to what many believed the producers in member states would do.


Saudi Arabian Minister of Petroleum Ali Al-Naimi made a surprising statement at a UN climate-change meeting in Lima, Peru.”Why should I cut production? You know what a market does for any commodity. It goes up and down and up and down,” Al-Naimi said, according to Bloomberg.


This is interesting, as Al-Naimi is ostensibly the most powerful man in the cartel that has been manipulating the global oil market since 1960. The whole point of OPEC is to use collective action, through tightly controlling the world’s oil supply, to counteract the market forces that Al-Naimi is now saying should be allowed to move freely.


Source: Business Insider



These Are the Best Jobs Numbers in Months, Maybe Years

Jobs were up in November, and that could be a great sign for future job growth as we head into 2015. In fact, they are the best they’ve been in years. Job growth, besides the obvious benefits to strengthening the economy, is also a sign that the economy has been growing on its own. It can also have a trickle down effect on wages, which typically rise as the market gets more saturated, and competition for higher positions increases.


There have been anecdotal hints for months that employers are facing new pressure to raise workers’ wages as the job market has gotten tighter. And Friday’s report is the first piece of real evidence in the official government data that it’s happening.


In November, the unemployment rate was unchanged at 5.8 percent, but almost all the other measures of the labor market pointed to an improving composition of the job market: Employers added more positions, and at higher hourly wages. If the November trend is sustained, the unemployment rate may not fall much in the months ahead, but Americans will be a lot happier.


Source: The New York Times


U.S. Stock-Index Futures Gain as Oil Shares Rebound

It’s all about oil in the markets these days, as the price drop has Wall Street buzzing. This past month, after a quick rebound of oil shares in the major global markets, the US Stock-Index futures made some gains, albeit small ones. This, however, could be a good sign for 2015. But the good sign comes with a warning: don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.


“We see nervy optimism,” Keith Bowman, an equity analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown Plc in London, said in a phone interview. “We’ve still got central banks standing behind markets. I’m sure there is some hope that today’s retail figures could add more support after last week’s extremely good set of jobs figures.”


The S&P 500 slid the most in seven weeks yesterday as energy shares renewed a selloff. Oil tumbled to a five-year low as the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries cut its forecast for how much crude it will need to provide in 2015 to the lowest in 12 years amid surging U.S. shale supplies and reduced estimates for global consumption.


Source: Bloomberg


5 Ways to Raise Capital, and Stay Highly Motivated and Driven

If you’re in the hunt for new capital for your business, chances are you’re pretty stressed. Raising capital takes a lot of work, and a lot of perseverance, and it’s easy to lose your motivation when you hit some speed bumps along the way. This doesn’t have to be the case, however, and there are some great ways you can stay both highly motivated, and driven throughout the process. Here’s an excerpt from our latest blog post.


  • Empathize With Those Around You. In order to work well with a team, and connect with your target investors, you need to understand where they’re coming from first. In order to successfully start raising capital, you need everyone on the same page. If you feel like you’re struggling to connect with those around you, chances are, you’re not putting yourself in their shoes. Listen more. Put yourself in their position, and try to see all sides of every decision. If your roles were reversed, would you feel the same way? If you learn how to think like those around you, it’s much easier to motivate them, and in turn keep yourself on track, and on target.


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