IDeal Room

SAS 70 II secure and SSL encrypted virtual data room. IDeal Room gives your company a cloud-based document repository with advanced privacy controls so you can invite investors and shareholders to view confidential investment documents from any internet connection.

IDeal Room
Secure File Management
  • IDeal Room is web-based virtual data room that seamlessly integrates with your Interlinked company page.
  • Upload unlimited documents and control who can and cannot download the documents.
  • Automatically add a confidential watermark to all PDFs which can be traced back to the date, time, name and email address of the user that downloaded the document.
  • Invite unlimited investors and shareholders into your IDeal Room from outside or within the Interlinked community. Non-invited investors can also view your company page and request access.
SAS70 II Secure Data
  • All IDeal Room files are stored on SAS70 II servers, and further protected by 128-bit encryption.
  • All PDF files have a security watermark automatically added which includes the downloader's email address, name, IP address and a unique ID number effectively discouraging unauthorized distribution.
  • All IDeal Room files transferred across the Internet are encrypted using 128-bit SSL encryption, the same level used in online banking.
  • Securely define which IDeal Room members have access to specific documents, and ensure only members you select can download specific files.
Easy Administraion
  • Upload unlimited files to your IDeal Room. Simple and straightforward. No training required.
  • Assign unlimited administrators, and have unlimited IDeal Room members. Easily remove members who you no longer want to view your documents, or manage member privileges on a per document basis.
  • Invite unlimited Interlinked members to enter your IDeal Room, or send email invites for your investors or shareholders to join the community and view your files.
  • Simple flat fee pricing - No pay-per-user or per-file. And No hidden costs.
Audit Reporting
  • Create detailed reports that include all IDeal Room activity so you can track by date, file, or user.
  • Create and export a .csv file that includes IDeal Room download activity: time, date, file name, unique document number, member name, email address and IP address.