The summer of 2008 found Brad Hilton, Arlene Pfeiff and George Roundy working together with a common passion – to make a difference in the work to empower people to move out of poverty and homelessness. During this time, Brad’s interest in the debt market grew as he observed a sharp incline in the supply of debt, beyond any historical levels. Like his grandfather, Conrad Hilton, Brad has always had a knack for finding the upside in down markets. With Brad’s growing interest in this space, Arleneā€™s background in senior leadership roles at American Express and George’s talent for modeling complex business flows, all three were intrigued and the fit seemed natural. Their initial intent was to develop the opportunity for personal investment, but it was not long before the group decided to make the opportunity available to others by starting a for-profit company in the Accounts Receivable Marketplace. Their goal was to assist those in debt in hopes of helping them to rectify their own financial challenges while providing good returns for their clients. Treating people with dignity and respect was the cornerstone from which Brad, Arlene and George launched GAINS.

GAINS was formally established in August of 2010 during a peak of unemployment and a growing mountain of charged off consumer debt in the United States. During the first few years, two strategic imperatives were clear as keys to further improve on their already strong results. They needed to be able to scale their business in order to have the buying power and efficiencies they desired, while at the same time they needed to have access to the very best collection solutions in the industry.

Having been introduced by colleagues, the first meeting with CEO Walt Collins of Collins Asset Group immediately registered as the way forward for both entities looking for just the right partnership. The incredible synergies of strengths and the natural fit in terms of culture and values added great confidence to both teams as they began the process of designing how they would unite under a common goal of creating a win/win approach.

Today Collins Asset Group has been rebranded as Collins & Hilton Asset Group. Brad Hilton has become the President of Collins & Hilton Asset Group. Arlene Pfeiff has stepped into the role of CEO of GAINS Equity Management. George Roundy as President and CFO and Brian Cervenka, Vice President of Business Development. Together they are working to build a multimillion dollar enterprise that creates above average returns for their clients while supporting people to solve their financial challenges and in every situation, treating people with dignity and respect.


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