Mail forwarding services for the Busy Taveler: How to keep up with your cargo?

Mail forwarding services for the Busy Taveler:  How to keep up with your cargo? 

When it comes to business, the world is getting smaller. The Internet revolutionized how we can communicate, and whom we can do business with. We’ve also seen a major boost in air travel, with more non-stop flights between both big and small cities than ever before. The bottom line is, to compete on a global level chances are you will have to do a great deal of traveling. But with more business in more places, and a boom in business travel, people find themselves bouncing from city to city, often at the drop of a dime. And it’s not just business. Cheap flights and discounted vacation destinations have made casual travel more popular than ever as well.

Regardless whether it’s for business or pleasure, we are much more mobile than we used to be. And that’s a good thing. But it also means that our need for on-the-go shipping is more important than ever. When you travel, you can only plan so far ahead. In many cases you need to rely on outside logistics to get what you want, when you want it, and fast.

Getting what’s important to you, when it’s important to you

Business, even in the digital age, often requires lots of physical supplies. This is especially true if you’re in manufacturing, architecture/design, pharmaceuticals, and advertising. But it can certainly be the case for almost any small or large business, or business professional. Luckily the US is pretty well set up to handle on-the-go shipments and last minute deliveries. With major shipping networks from companies like FedEx, UPS, and DHL, getting a package on time is more efficient than ever. However, premium services often require premium payments, and that can add up if you’re constantly on the go.

If you want your packages to travel as fast as you do, you need to be able to forward it on the go, and do it in a way that’s cost effective. Now, there’s a new company that’s striving to do just that. The company is called Please Forward, and their goal is simple: to connect you with your mail at a low price, with premium results.

Please Forward takes the hassle out of priority shipping

Please Forward is a new company that works with the US’ top shipping companies to streamline your shipping needs, reliably and efficiently, for a much lower cost than doing yourself. It’s taking the subscription model to the shipping industry, making it easier for frequent travelers to get what they need, when they need it, for cheaper. And they offer fully customizable solutions. Let’s say you have a package shipped to you in Denver, but you’re out of town when it arrives. Please Forward will hold the package, and forward it with priority speed to wherever you currently are. They can also split packages to forward only the items you need, when you need them. This company is unique in many ways. Here’s what Tara Cameron, their Founder and CEO, has to say in her own words:

“‘Pursuing Your Happiness’ is what Please Forward is committed to doing, first by receiving, storing, and forwarding your mail and packages, then onward to directing you toward businesses all over the world who will welcome you as a Please Forward subscriber.  From the beginning of this company’s development, my passion always has been to find the people who will help to fulfill this vision.  In consideration of the hundreds of fine people who already have chosen to attach themselves to Please Forward, as shareholders, employees, vendors, and subscribers, I know we have something special.

We are a happy bunch. However, now that we are open for business, the real work (and fun) begins. My mindset is to welcome the challenges … and there will be many…almost as much as I welcome the new friendships all of us who run” this ship will make along this journey. We are here to serve and by doing so, to fulfill our own desires to make a difference to the world.”

To learn more about Please Forward, check out their webpage. You can also watch their InterlinkedTV interview from their Interlinked Company Page.

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