US economy adding more GDP than China. Fed has hopeful outlook for 2015. Interlinked Weekly Investment Recap – Jan. 8th, 2015

The US Economy Is On The Verge Of Achieving Something That’s Been Unthinkable For Years

The US economy is accelerating, which is great, but not unheard of. However, it’s coinciding with a new trend, which is something we haven’t seen in a long time. China’s economy is actually decelerating. Here’s why.

For 2015, Nuveen’s Bob Doll predicts that the US economy will actually contribute more to global GDP growth than China’s. This would be the first time that has happened in nine years.

“China is currently experiencing negative growth rates in imports and freight activity, and slowing growth in auto sales and electricity consumption,” Doll says. “These trends are echoed in declining consumer confidence.” China is just one of the many emerging markets slowing down, a situation that has Doll predicting we could witness something that has been “unthinkable in recent times.”

Source: Business Insider


How $50 Oil Changes Almost Everything

Oil prices have taken a beating over the past few months, and as predicted, there are many global ramifications. But as consumers rejoice over cheaper gas at the pump, what’s the real impact of oil sinking to $50 a barrel? 

The biggest collapse in energy prices since the 2008 global recession is shifting wealth and power from autocratic petro-states to industrialized consumers, which could make the world safer, according to a Berenberg Bank AG report.

Surging U.S. shale supply, weakening Asian and European demand and a stronger dollar are pushing oil past threshold after threshold to a five-and-half-year low, with a dip below $40 a barrel “not out of the question,” said Rob Haworth, a Seattle-based senior investment strategist at U.S. Bank Wealth Management, which oversees about $120 billion.

Source: Bloomberg


Fed Committee Hopeful, but Wary at Last Session

To end 2014, the Fed convened to discuss the American economy, and the outlook for the New Year. Overall, the outcome was positive, and the notion of sustained economic growth is not out of the question for the next year. However, the Fed is cautious to be overly optimistic, at least at this point.

The signs of newfound optimism were tempered, however, by concern that the weakness of the global economy, and the anemic response of foreign governments, could weigh on domestic growth.

And the tone of the December meeting continued a pattern in which the Fed entered almost every year since the financial crisis expressing confidence that the economy was finally gaining momentum.

As a result, the account of the meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee made clear that Fed officials remain determined to err on the side of caution by continuing to suppress interest rates. Most officials do not expect to raise the Fed’s benchmark rate before the middle of the year.

Source: The New York Times


Gas prices are down, but the end of the oil era may be inevitable. Are markets prepared?

Oil is dropping to its lowest price in nearly 20 years. But is it sustainable? And better yet, is dependence on oil even sustainable. Many believe that in order to have a stable future, we must develop and rely on alternative energy and fuel sources. One company is leading the charge, and are ready to lay the blueprint for clean energy for a long time. That company is GOe3. Read more from our blog.

GOe3 is revolutionary in the sense that it’s pushing the boundaries of renewable energy charging stations with both innovative technology, and affordable consumer pricing. Recently, the company has announced that they are working on integrating their chargers to accommodate new battery technology that is projected to extend the range of EVs to 300 miles plus.

This will be a real game changer in the EV field, and only furthers the feasibility of these types of vehicles becoming the norm on US highways. Another unique feature in GOe3’s business model is a media/marketing machine that creates 25 revenue streams that are synergistic, but not dependent on the EV market surrounding the charging station deployment.

Read more about energy and oil investing

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