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Weekly Investment News Recap Sept. 19, 2014

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Exclusive Interview: Founder Equity

founder equity

Founder Equity invests in early stage digital communities and platforms that have high growth potential, and a strong opportunity for strategic liquidity within two years.

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The JOBS Act and Tech Startups
Since 2012, the JOBS Act has evolved to increase investment in Emerging Growth Companies. These companies can now take advantage of a full list of provision changes, some of which have been briefly discussed in…

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Irrational Markets
We expect children to have irrational moments from time to time, but eventually mature. The Stock Markets, like children, are not completely rational either. In fact, the stock market has never been a rationally managed place to grow and accumulate wealth. This doesn’t mean that…

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Self-Directed IRA Investment Strategies
Have you thought about what you want your retirement years to look like? Do you have a strategy to get there?

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Companies in the News


Endurance Exploration Appoints Deep-Water Shipwreck Veteran, Guy Zajonc, as Vice President of Business Development
Endurance CEO, Micah Eldred, said, “Cofounder Carl Dilley and I have enjoyed a working relationship with Guy from the time we first envisioned Endurance over six years ago. We are pleased to have Guy joining our company in an operational role.

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Steady Growth and Cutting-Edge Technologies Are Trademarks of Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (PBIO)
Thanks to a combination of market ingenuity and a strong scientific core, life science stalwart Pressure BioSciences (PBIO) continues to enjoy a resurgence of relevance as a veteran company.

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Upcoming Investment Conference
FSXinterlinked is the premiere investment conference for registered investment advisors, broker/dealers and other funding sources to network with CEOs of emerging growth companies from across the country.

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Landing a plane is nothing more than a controlled crash
Despite flying literally thousands of times across the world, I still have this nagging fear of flying that requires me to lubricate my veins with Coors light a good hour or two before takeoff. After…

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Is another financial crisis inevitable?
Economics columnist Martin Wolf doesn’t want to predict when the world economy will face another financial crisis. But he tells Yahoo Finance editor in chief Aaron Task, more turmoil is “more or less inevitable” because “nothing profoundly changed,” since 2008.

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Wall St. watchdog signals shift in bonus disclosure plan
A controversial plan that would have required job-switching securities brokers to disclose signing bonuses to their clients is making a comeback, but the new versionful year for stocks. Sure the momentum stock swings have made for plenty of good headlines, but…

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