Interlinked Investment Newsletter – Dec. 18, 2014

 Weekly Interlinked Investment Newsletter: Dec. 18, 2014


FSXinterlinked Investment Conference

GOe3 Interview

GOe3 is a company that promotes infrastructure development to encourage and support corporate and legislative investment in alternative energy solutions that are accessible and affordable to consumers of all economic brackets.

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Growing a Business

Growing a Business: How managing success is critical to your future
It sounds almost counterintuitive, but sometimes when you’re growing a business, quick successes can often do more damage than good. That is, if you don’t know how to manage it correctly. Growing a business is tough, and[…]

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Gas prices are down.  Are markets prepared?

Gas prices are down, but the end of the oil era may be inevitable. Are markets prepared?
Recent trends in international oil and gas have driven down prices in the US lower than they’ve been in nearly half a decade. This is great news for the economy, especially considering that the holiday shopping season is here. An economic boost, even a small one, is considered a good barometer of overall growth. However, with oil, even if the cost dips the overall cost of using it and other types of fossil fuels may be greater than it’s worth. Not just for the environment, but also as an economic commodity and a renewable resource[…]

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Companies in the News

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CannaPharmaRx Teams up With PharmaDirections to Initiate Research & Discovery Program in Cannabinoid Science
CannaPharmaRx, Inc. (GDHC), the New Jersey-based pharmaceutical company, will be working with PharmaDirections, a pharmaceutical project management and consulting group, as it launches its R&D platform to investigate product opportunities in endocannabinoid science for ultimate commercialization in global markets.

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S&P Capital IQ Initiates Coverage on Pressure BioSciences, Inc. in S&P Capital IQ Factual Stock Reports
S&P Capital IQ (MHFI) announced today that it has commenced Standard & Poor’s Factual Stock Report coverage on Pressure BioSciences Inc. (PBIO).

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FSXinterlinked Investment Conference

Upcoming Investment Conference
Founded in 1983, FSXinterlinked is premiere investment conference organization in the U.S., featuring the most promising companies raising capital, exciting and educational keynote speakers, and 100s of funding sources representing 1,000s of investors. 

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Fed rate policy

Asian Stocks Rise After S&P 500 Surges on Fed; Oil Swings
Asia started the week strong in the markets, growing on an announcement by the Fed that they will wait on interest rates. This was a much-needed boost for Asian markets, who are in the midst of nearly a 1-year slide.

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Uber Says It’s Doing 1 Million Rides Per Day, 140 Million In Last Year
What was once a fledgling startup is now becoming one of the world’s hottest tech companies, and groundbreaking transportation business. This week, the company finally released user data, and the numbers are huge. Uber is already estimated to be worth close to $40 billion (although this is very speculative), and has had one of the best success stories as far as raising quality capital over the past few years.

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Russina ruble

Russian Ruble Collapses After Late-Night Rate Hike
Russia is having a tough month economically, and this past week was no better. As the Ruble continues to dip, many worry about what Russia will do to buck the trend. Just this week alone, the Russian currency dropped by 20%, bringing it to a total 56% this year to date.

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