Innovus Pharmaceuticals (OTCBB: INNV) Set to Capitalize on Growing Female Sexual Dysfunction Market


We all know, or we should know by now, what the “little blue pill” is.  For nearly two decades, it’s been one of the hottest sellers in the pharmaceutical industry. Male sexual dysfunction is a common ailment amongst men of many ages, and the push for a safe, reliable, and accessible medication to treat it has been a boom for pharmaceutical providers all over the world. In fact, according to the Transparency Market Research group, the global market for these types of medications hit just over $4 billion for last year alone. All you need to do is look at statistics to understand why. An estimated 43% of men, and 39% of women suffer from some sort of sexual dysfunction, especially those over 40.

For years, many adult males and females didn’t talk about sexual dysfunction in public, even with their doctor. And as a result, pharmaceutical companies were less inclined to test, or market potential medical solutions to the public. With the advent of Viagra®, that all changed, and men all over the world began to buy, and buy big. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the same case with women.

Despite all of the statistics to back it up, very little attention was given to developing and marketing drugs and treatment for women who suffer from sexual dysfunction. This may have been more of a marketing issue than anything, as social taboos have been slow to adapt to the issue with women, and only recently have become more openly discussed among men. But with the statistics so prevalent, showing an obvious need for a female solution, it was inevitable that the female demographic would grab the attention of drug providers and retailers. And now it has.

“Female Sexual Interest Arousal Disorder”, otherwise known as FSIAD, affects over 10 million American women. Because men and women are biologically very different, however, the dysfunctional symptoms and treatments are also vastly different. And this is where the real trick to capturing the market lies. How do you market two different types of products, to two different genders of people, who suffer from a similar ailment?

Male treatments such as Viagra® and Cialis® provide some of the world’s most popular pill products. They also offer female versions, however as we know, due to biology, the results aren’t always the same. The marketing shouldn’t be the same either. Although much more open than before, a focused marketing approach is critical to getting public acceptance of a product, and to build a trusting relationship with the provider. Up until recently, the female sexual dysfunction market has been underdeveloped.

This is all changing, and one company, Innovus Pharmaceuticals (OTCBB: INNV), is leading the charge with a revolutionary new set of products that are clinically proven to address the issue among females, with extraordinary results. In fact, according to Innovus’ CEO, their product Zestra® is the only natural consumer care product that has been investigated in two US double blind placebo controlled clinical trials in FSI/AD women and achieved statistical increase in arousal desire and satisfaction.

Innovus has produced a proven solution, taking on a 10+ million-person market with their products.

The product is called Zestra®, and it’s taking the female market by storm. Zestra is made by San Diego based, publically traded, Innovus Pharmaceuticals (OTCBB: INNV), and is available for sale all over the US, as well as online. The company also markets several sexual dysfunction products for men. However with Zestra®, they are really getting ahead of the pack in the female demographic. Zestra® is a series of topically applied, medically proven essential oils that are all natural, and safe. Zestra®, and all other Innovus products are currently available in a number of major US outlets such as Walmart, Kroger, and Fred Myer, with plans to expand in 2015 and beyond.

Zestra® is the showcase product of Innovus, and CEO, Dr. Bassam Damaj, is confident in its future. Dr. Damaj has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically in sexual dysfunction treatments. Previous to his time with Innovus, Dr. Damaj was the CEO of Apricus Biosciences (NASDAQ: APRI), and was responsible for the approval of the erectile dysfunction drug Vitaros® in certain countries outside of the U.S.. He also helped grow the company by making successful, strategic partnerships with industry-leading pharmaceutical companies such as Abbott, Novartis-Sandoz, and Takeda.

Most notably, through his strategic leadership role at Apricus Biosciences (NASDAQ: APRI) Dr. Damaj was responsible for the first approval of Vitaros for erectile dysfunction, signing commercial partnerships with Companies like Takeda, Sandoz-Novartis and Abbott and the Company achieved a large appreciation in its share price to a historical high of $5.50 in 2011.

Under the leadership of Dr. Damaj at Innovus Pharma, the Company recently announced four large commercial partnerships, totaling over $330 million in potential sales milestones plus royalties on sales.

With Innovus, he is poised to be a large player in the female sexual dysfunction market estimated to be over 10 million women in the US. At least three new products from Innovus are planned for release within the next year, giving them a very positive outlook for sustained growth, and future innovation.

To learn more about Innovus, their potential for outside investment, and their plans for growth, check out their company profile on our site. You can also access premium content and information about the company through the Innovus iDeal Room.

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