GOe3 Exclusive Interview on Alternative Energy Solutions

GOe3, a company that promotes infrastructure development to encourage and support corporate and legislative investment in alternative energy solutions that are accessible and affordable to consumers of all economic brackets, was recently interviewed by FSXinterlinked host,  Michael Fugler. During the interview GOe3 COO, Guy Mannino said

“We are expanding this network. We are planning to continue to build this infrastructure allowing the company to grow across the country. Our plans are to have 1,000 stations around the country along the mayor highways so that the average EV car to be mobile across the country.”

GOe3’s mission is to change popular perceptions about renewable energy through actions that lead to a sustainable future. With more than 120 years combined experience, the executive management team is comprised of accomplished financial, production, marketing, sales, IT and renewable energy experts. More information is available at GOe3’s Public Profile on Interlinked.com  and on their website.

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