Get Out of Your Slump: Here’s 5 ways how

Even though you may have started 2015 on a strong note, sometimes, a bit of a mid-winter slump is unavoidable. You work energy can get down, your deadlines can start creeping up on you, and stress can make you downright sad. But it doesn’t have to be like this. Keeping a positive attitude and forward momentum is critical to reaching your goals, and if you put your mind to it, making the effort to get out of a slump and be more proactive is within your reach. Here are 5 solid ways to get out of a slump, and get you back on track:


  1. Switch up Your Routine. Whether you’re a VC, sales exec, CEO, or management, the stress of your daily routine can ware on you. This is especially true if you keep bad habits. If want to get out of a slump, and you’re not sure what’s causing it, the first step you need to take is switch up your daily work routine. Make more free time to spark creativity. Change your diet to help give you more energy. Work from home a few days, or join others at a co-working station, or another public space in your office. You’ll be surprised how quickly your attitude will change.


  1. Cut Out Activities That Don’t Produce Results. Find at least one activity you do throughout the day that doesn’t have a net benefit, and stop doing it. Do you spend too much time in your e-mail? Cut it in half by prioritizing your inbox. Do your team meetings drag, and become redundant? Cancel them, and start from scratch. Change how you structure the time spent with your team in order to get the most out of them, and give them the most back. It’s not easy to get out of a slump, but cutting out even one thing that slows you down will help immensely.


  1. Set Smaller Goals. One of the biggest causes of stress that will put you in a slump is the pressure of major deadlines. The deadlines may not go away, but if you want to get out of a slump, there is a way to make them easier to hit. The best way to do this is to set smaller goals. Setting small goals helps improve focus and time management, and makes it easier to correct project mistakes as you go along. By the time you’ve hit a few milestones, you’ll feel like you gained time, and that negative looming of a deadline over your head goes away pretty fast.


  1. Be Postive. When you’re trying to get out of a slump, being positive can be really tough. But the truth is, it’s as important as any of the other steps we’ve laid out. Look at the positive side of everything, including your failures and struggles, and you may be surprised what you find. Your defeats tend to stand out more than your victories, but they don’t have to. Buck the trend, smile, and be confident in your positivity. Good things will happen.


  1. Re-Shape Your Focus. If you’re in a slump, it may be not be HOW you’re working, but rather WHAT you’re working on that’s slowing you down. Wipe the slate clean and start over. This may sound crazy, and it’s hard to do, but just do it. If what you’re doing isn’t working, you waste more time struggling with it than you do starting fresh. And starting fresh is a great way of injecting some new energy into you and your team. Finding a renewed focus can be a game-changer, and keep your spirits high throughout the entire year.




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