Gas prices are down, but the end of the oil era may be inevitable. Are markets prepared?

Recent trends in international oil and gas have driven down prices in the US lower than they’ve been in nearly half a decade. This is great news for the economy, especially considering that the holiday shopping season is here. An economic boost, even a small one, is considered a good barometer of overall growth. However, with oil, even if the cost dips the overall cost of using it and other types of fossil fuels may be greater than it’s worth. Not just for the environment, but also as an economic commodity and a renewable resource.


Strictly speaking, fossil fuels are a renewable resource. They are continually being formed via natural processes as plants and animals die and then decompose and become trapped beneath sediment. However, fossil fuels are generally considered to be non-renewable resources because they take millions of years to form, and known viable reserves are being depleted much faster than new ones are being made. In other words, the rate at which we consume fossil fuels such as gas and oil is much greater than the rate at which it is created.


This is a sustainability problem that hasn’t been lost on the energy industry or consumers. Despite continued reliance on fossil fuels, specifically gas, there is a big push in the United States to find affordable, reliable energy sources, specifically for cars. Now, with companies like Tesla Motors, and other big automakers pushing the envelope of electric vehicle (EV) technology, the era of fossil fuel reliance may end sooner than we think. Affordable, practical, and efficient electric vehicles are beginning to make a dent in the market. Now, one company is striving to do the same for affordable and practical electric energy sources.


GOe3 is striving to make electric power as common as gas

The company is called GOe3, and if they have their way, they “will be the first coast-to-coast EV charging station infrastructure in the United States.” It’s a bold claim, but they are sticking to it, and have the initiative to see through with their implementable service plans. The goal is to build a network of integrated charging stations, using gas stations that already exist, and installing their chargers. The big advantage of these chargers, however, is that they cover the three types of chargeable engines currently on the market.


GOe3 is revolutionary in the sense that it’s pushing the boundaries of renewable energy charging stations with both innovative technology, and affordable consumer pricing. Recently, the company has announced that they are working on integrating their chargers to accommodate new battery technology that is projected to extend the range of EVs to 300 miles plus.  This will be a real game changer in the EV field, and only furthers the feasibility of these types of vehicles becoming the norm on US highways. Another unique feature in GOe3’s business model is a media/marketing machine that creates 25 revenue streams that are synergistic, but not dependent on the EV market surrounding the charging station deployment.


Building a national network, one step at a time

GOe3 plans to expand their network by providing charging stations every 50-75 miles on the nation’s interstates. If successful, this will eliminate range issues with differently branded electric cars, and provide a new source of revenue for small business owners in, or around the station. The average time someone spends at the charger is around the same as it is at the pump, although some charges may take longer due to the make and model of the vehicle. This means more foot traffic, and more sales at local station shops. It’s also attractive because it ads a new group of clientele that will exclusively fill up at that station.


To learn more about GOe3, their plans for the future, and their investment opportunities, check out their company profile. You can also check them out on their website. Also, feel free to contact us today, to learn more about how we can help you get involved, and be part of the future of renewable energy delivery in the United States.



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