The Future of Commuting – Vehicle Occupancy Detection Corporation Helps You Avoid Traffic

As we all know from personal experience, being stuck in traffic every day is irritating, especially since the promise of reducing congestion by devoting lanes to High Occupancy Tolls (HOT) lanes has not been successful. As technology has been advancing at a rapid pace solving many of society’s problems, it seems odd that we still face the same burden on our daily commutes – traffic.

HOT lanes were the government’s answer to the problem, yet the benefits were never fully realized. Due to the lack of reliable vehicle occupancy detection technology and an absence of effective enforcement, the majority of drivers using HOT lanes are violators, ruining it for carpoolers, robbing the states of much needed revenue, and irritating the rest of us. We can no longer build our way out of congestion. We need technology.

Vehicle Occupancy Detection Corporation’s Solution

Researchers have been looking for a solution for the past 30 years. One small company in California has finally developed that solution. Vehicle Occupancy Detection Corporation has the only patent-pending technology that can identify and count the number of human occupants in moving vehicles. Detection is possible through automotive glass, including tinted surfaces. VODC’s technology can discriminate humans from pets, dolls, and photographs and operates effectively in all types of weather and lighting conditions, including complete darkness.

States have the Right to Charge Tolls

Recent regulatory changes significantly reduce revenues from historical sources. The Highway Trust Fund that was established in 1956 went bankrupt in August 2014. The excise gas tax that has been in effect since 1919 expires in September 2014. We no longer have the funds to support our infrastructure. President Obama, however, just lifted a 56-year ban that now gives states the right to charge tolls on all highways. This is a technology whose time has come.

With VODC’s technology implemented on state highways, commuters could effectively avoid traffic and enter HOT lanes by paying a fee without having to meet the passenger requirements. These “dynamic pricing lanes” would become a great revenue source for the state.

However, the advantages of VODC’s disruptive technology don’t stop there. In addition to identifying people through automotive glass in all types of weather, without the use of visible light, they have the ability to provide actionable intelligence to the police, military, homeland security and intelligence agencies, from tracking persons of interest internationally to assisting in the search for and safe recovery of abducted children, as well as multiple applications in the private sector.

Cisco System’s CEO John Chambers found the technology so disruptive that he featured the company in his opening address at Oracle World, the largest technology conference in the world on new technologies, as his example of “the future of commuting.”

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