FSXinterlinked Investment News – Newsletter Oct. 17 2014

FSXinterlinked Investment News – Newsletter: Oct. 17, 2014

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CannaPharmaRx Exclusive Interview at FSXinterlinked Investment Conference


CannaPharmaRx is a pharmaceutical company whose purpose is advancing cannabinoid discovery, science, research & development, and to work to bring novel prescription, over-the-counter, and veterinary cannabinoid-based products to market in the US and worldwide.

Exclusive Content

David Weild

What every CEO should understand about stock markets (and likely doesn’t)
Today’s markets are dramatically more complex and less forgiving: High-frequency traders, dark pools, algorithmic trading, hedge funds, shorts, flash crashes, and corporate activists mold the landscape. Poor execution is costlier than ever. Yet managements and boards are much worse supported than twenty years ago[…]

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Global Economy

As global economic recovery efforts slow, world financial leaders pledge to give it boost. Is it sustainable?
At the IMF’s annual fall meeting, the issue was raised about the impact of the recent outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa, and the economic damage that’s occurred there as a result. Global markets can, and will be affected by an economic crisis in the region, and[…]

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Companies in the News


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Premier Holding Corp. (PRHL) Retains Maxim Group LLC as its Financial Advisor and Investment Banker
Premier Holding Corporation (PRHL), an energy seller and reseller in deregulated markets, announces that it has officially retained Maxim Group LLC, a leading investment banking, securities and investment management firm, to provide strategic corporate finance and investment banking services….

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Bion Environmental Technologies (OTC QB/BB: BNET) announces Pennsylvania Senate Bill 994 to be Re-Introduced in January 2015
When the legislature’s own study projects a reduction in compliance costs by up to 80 percent, by injecting private sector competition through competitive bidding into the solutions toolkit, it is a wake-up call…

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Upcoming Investment Conference
FSXinterlinked is the premiere investment conference for registered investment advisors, broker/dealers and other funding sources to network with CEOs of emerging growth companies from across the country.

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Recommended Reads


Investors search for signs of end to stock market correction
By some measures, the near 10 percent decline in the Standard & Poor’s 500 stock index from a record high last month may already have flushed out much of the speculative money that helped propel a bull market in stocks beyond the average length. …

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jobs act

The JOBS Act at Year One: A Changing Hedge Fund Communications Landscape
So what has changed in hedge fund communications since the JOBS Act went live? Here’s a run-down of the key areas that are most affected, including social media, web sites, traditional media, advertising and executive hiring.”

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Netflix’s stock plunges as subscriber growth slips
The world’s largest Internet video service has once again turned off potential viewers with a price increase that is punishing the company’s stock price…..

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What’s New at interlinked?


FSXinterlinked & CannaPharmaRx Host Charity Golf Outing
FSXinterlinked is kicking off their last Investment Conference of 2014 with an inaugural Charity Golf Outing, hosted by CannaPharmaRx, in benefit of the “Tomorrow’s CEOs Today” scholarship program on Oct. 28. Internationally known putting instructor, Geoff Mangum, will be at the charity golf outing providing putting tips all day. Secretary of State, Ken Bennett, has announced he will be taking in a round of 18 at the FSXinterlinked inaugural charity golf outing on the same course where they play the Accenture Matchplay World Golf Championships.[…]

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Tomorrows CEOs Today

Tomorrow’s CEOs Today
Delray Wannemacher with FSXinterlinked, Colleen Crowninshield with Clean Cities & Bruce Brimacombe with GOe3 will launch the scholarship program they have founded together at our upcoming event. Tomorrow’s CEO Today, awards local high school students with annual scholarships for university or business startup capital. 50% of all event profits enter the scholarship fund and are donated to a local charity for children.[…]

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