FSXinterlinked Investment Conference Announces 3 Special Sessions for upcoming event

FSXinterlinked the premier investment conference organization and a subsidiary of Interlinked, a global investment platform that connects an exclusive network of emerging growth companies with qualified funding sources, announced that they will be hosting 3 Special Sessions at their upcoming conference, April 29 – May 1st at Loews Hotel in Atlanta, GA.

This is a must-attend event for people who want to connect with a national audience of investors, brokers, investment bankers and family offices.  The conference will feature the most promising emerging growth companies in the country, a wonderful keynote by Neal L. Wolkoff – former CEO of AMEX and current Broad member of OTC Markets Group and 3 Special Sessions.

1. What it takes to Raise Capital in Today’s Environment hosted by Michael Fugler, Executive Chairman of ASG Securities, Scott Andersen, a principal partner with David Drake at Consult DA (Drake & Andersen), and David Drake, a leading equity expert based in New York. He is the founder and chairman of Victoria Global, LDJ Capital.

      • What is a “Funding Platform” under Title II of the JOBS Act
      • Where do you find them?
      • How can you best use them?
      • The need to comply with state blue sky laws
      • Do Funding Platforms have to be broker-dealers?
      • Investment Advisers Who Are Operating Funding Platforms
      • The Issuer Exemption and the Investment Advisor Act
      • And lots more on raising capital today; the ups, downs, ins and outs

2. Crisis Management: Controlled crash or Crash landing? hosted by John Busacca, President & CEO of Broker Dealer Exchange, Jervis Hough, Taurus Compliance, Former FINRA examiner and Richard Nummi Esq, Nummi and Associates, PA former SEC Attorney.  Whether you are a Brokerage firm or a broker, what will you do if you are faced with problem? There is a fine line between landing a plane (controlled crash) and going up in smoke (crash landing). This session will explore what steps to take when:

      • FINRA/SEC launch an investigation
      • Disclosing everything or only what was asked for?
      • Preventative maintenance of an investigation
      • Warning signs of bigger problems to come
      • Steps every firm should take when faced with a crisis

3. A Brave New World – Highlights of Newly Adopted Reg A+ and the Opportunities It Represents hosted by Robert R. Kaplan – Managing Partner at Kaplan Voekler Cunningham & Frank, Thomas G. Voekler – Managing Partner at Kaplan Voekler Cunningham & Frank as well as President of ADISA, and James Riggs – CFP at Moloney Securities. During this special session you will learn how these rules will truly benefit financial professionals by:

      • Offering More Products to More Investors
      • Reaching New Clientele through Unique Offerings
      • Learning How Fostering Secondary Markets for Reg A+ Securities will Help your Practice
      • Helping Issuers Maximize Capital Raising Potential
      • Learning How Reg A+ Clarifies Regulatory Oversight and its Liquidity Helps to Mitigate Risk

Click here for more information on the event including investment opportunities and Key Note Speaker, Neil L. Wolkoff. Register today while available, this is one event you won’t want to miss.



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