Critical Advancements in Bioscience Make for Breakthrough Investment Opportunities


Advancements in science have moved leaps and bounds ahead in the past 50 years, and continue to grow at a break-neck pace. Creating more efficient ways to examine, experiment, and catalog new studies is crucial to developing new scientific methods, and making important, life-altering discoveries. In the world of bioscience, this is especially true. Bioscience is a huge scientific category that represents the process of studying biology, and how to make improvements, correct errors, and find out the origins of biological properties. This can include food science, botany, forensics, genetics, human diseases and disorders, microbiology, and immunology to name just a few.


But in order to successfully advance in the study of bioscience, we must keep advancing and improving the technology to do so. Because this need has been identified as critically important in recent years, many companies have made it their mission to be the best, and most innovative technology producers in their field. Needless to say, the industry is hot, and only getting hotter.


Why investing in Bioscience Technology is a no-brainer


Making the case for investment growth in bioscience technology is simply a matter of looking at its demand. We live longer, healthier, and safer thanks to advancements in bioscience, and none of it would be possible without the proper tools and techniques. It’s a highly competitive industry with nearly unlimited potential, which means picking the right company to invest in is very important. With Pressure Biosciences, Inc. (OTCQB: PBIO), we believe we’ve found a clear-cut winner, and a phenomenal investment opportunity for long-term growth, and real short-term gains. They refer to themselves as a “life science tools” company, and are at the cutting edge of the latest applicable bioscience technology on the market.


Pressure Biosciences, Inc. is ahead of the curve


The key to success with PBIO is their patented, and market tested technology that uses cycles of pressure to break, manipulate, and enhance the examination of biological samples on a cellular and molecular level. Their patented, novel technology platform is known as Pressure Cycling Technology (PCT), and PBIO is working vigorously to help implement the PCT Platform into some of the world’s most advanced labs and research facilities. This PCT process is unique, and has the potential to change the bioscience industry as it is applied on a greater scale to an already large and growing market.


Imagine being able to examine samples on a molecular level with greater quality, reproducibility, and precision, as you manipulate the samples using specific pressures to the exact size and shape you need them for a study? This is what Pressure BioSciences, Inc. has patented with its PCT platform technology, and so far, they’re the only ones in their field that are successfully doing it. All they need now is a way to deliver this powerful technology on a large scale to researchers worldwide, and with the proper investment, they’re planning to do just that. To us, this is a no-brainer investment into an industry with unlimited potential.



Who they are, in their own terms


Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (“PBI”) (PBIO) develops, markets, and sells proprietary laboratory instrumentation and associated consumables to the estimated $6 billion life sciences sample preparation market. Their products are based on the unique properties of both constant (i.e., static) and alternating (i.e., pressure cycling technology, or PCT) hydrostatic pressure. PCT is a patented enabling technology platform that uses alternating cycles of hydrostatic pressure between ambient and ultra-high levels to safely and reproducibly control bio-molecular interactions.


What does PBIO have in store for the future of bioscience, and bioscience technology?


To date, PBI has installed over 250 PCT systems in approximately 160 sites worldwide. There are over 100 publications citing the advantages of the PCT platform over competitive methods, many from key opinion leaders. Their primary development and sales efforts are in the biomarker discovery, drug discovery and design, and forensics areas. Customers also use their products in other areas, such as bio-therapeutics characterization, soil & plant biology, vaccine development, and counter-bioterror applications.


They are currently looking for investors to take the company, and their unique PCT technology platform, to the next level. With the systems and services they already have in place, they are positioned to be one of the key players in the industry for the long haul. The market is there, and isn’t going anywhere, and with technology as hot as PCT, the sky’s the limit when it comes to applicability.


To learn more about investing in PBI, and to get an idea of their stock and how it’s performing, check out their company page on our investment platform.





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