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One of the greatest challenges companies face is raising capital to help support their growth. Similarly, investors struggle to find viable and profitable investment opportunities. Interlinked breaks down investment barriers by connecting an exclusive and private group of emerging-growth companies, accredited and licensed funding sources, and vetted resource partners on one platform. The Interlinked investment platform enables our members to easily connect, build relationships, and ultimately, close deals faster.

The Interlinked Investment platform consists of 3 components:

  1. Interlinked Investment Community – Online network that connects members through interactive personal and company profiles, and supports them with web-based networking, customized marketing solutions, and investment tools.
  2. FSXinterlinked – Founded in 1983, FSXinterlinked is the premiere investment conference organization the features promising companies raising capital, some of the best funding sources from across the country, and high profile keynote speakers providing best-in-class education.
  3. InterlinkedTV – Exclusive investment video news featuring interviews with emerging-growth company CEOs, commentary, and analysis, and breaking investor news. Plus, InterlinkedTV offers a complete suite of video marketing solutions for conferences and associations.

As a member of Interlinked, whether you are a company seeking capital, an investor looking for new high growth opportunities, or a service provider wanting to generate more qualified leads, you will save time and money by connecting with the right people at the right time.

Having been on both sides of raising capital and investing, Interlinked CEO Delray Wannemacher, has a unique perspective and has focused his efforts on streamlining the process for investors and companies to meet and do business together. Wannemacher founded Interlinked and InterlinkedTV in order to securely bring the best investors, companies and resource partners together in one place.



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